Language Server Protocol in action: C# in Eclipse IDE, Java in VSCode, your language everywhere

The Language Server Protocol in a popular IDE-independent and Language-independent interface to provide and consume language edition services - such as code analysis, completion, hyperlinking... It basically lets the language providers implement the protocol as a server, and the IDEs consume the protocol as a client to have the IDEs presenting the language-specific data without having to know about the language.
This protocol already has multiple successful stories. In this talk we’ll demonstrate:

  • How a C# language server can be used in Eclipse IDE (thanks to LSP4E) to provide rich C# edition capabilities
  • How a Java language server implemented on top of JDT is integrated into VSCode to have VSCode supporting rich Java edition capabilities
  • How you can easily write a language server in Java (with LSP4J) and plug it into Eclipse IDE (with LSP4E) and VSCode and demonstrate how easy it becomes to ship additional features for your language in all tools at once.

Note to PC: depending on the set of talks about language server that get selected, the content of this talk can be adjusted to avoid similar demonstrations.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017 - 16:00 to 16:35

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