TypeScript, Future of JavaScript and rise of the transpilers

JavaScript is the most used language in the world.

Today, ES6, ES7 and in the near future, ES8, the rise of JavaScript on the server side, thanks to NodeJS, and the emergence of transpilers like Babel, CoffeeScript or TypeScript, are going to make JavaScript and the web development a new model in the B2B and B2C development, embrassing the desktop, tablets, browser and mobile development, a unique platform for every web developer.

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Lifting weights: Pains and gains of RAP + GMF for web based modeling applications

Over the course of last year and until now we developed a web based UML modeler based on RAP and GMF.
In this talk we want to share our experiences if building a larger RAP application and the challanges of porting GMF to RAP, highliging some of the many adjustments needed for improved usability and performance.

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