InTheMoodForLife, Open Source Sleep analyser for mood disorders, First award of the Eclipse OpenIoTChallenge

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InTheMoodForLife is an application to analyse and monitor sleep patterns of people affected by bipolar disorder.
The setup of the application was done during the Eclipse OpenIoTChallenge and also win the first award of the 2017 edition.
The solution is built using an off-the-shelf sleep monitor, Raspberry Pi, Eclipse Vert.x, and Warp 10.
Vert.x interacts with the sensor producing 140 measurements per second in an "elegant" asynchronous way and stores  sensor's data into a time series database, Warp10.
But IoT is not only about object interaction, monitoring or also command and control. Value is created with data analytics, this is the first aim of InTheMoodForLife. We used Warpscript, a time series analytics language for decompose the sleep architecture, detect sleep anomalies day after day in order to react, and adapt the treatment faster.
But this is just the beginning, because smart sensor and data analytics open up a very brand range of possibilities.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017 - 09:45 to 10:20
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The conference is in English and so should be the abstract. Please update it to English ASAP for this talk to have a chance to be selected.


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I had the doubt.

The abstract is updated in English


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As the abstract mentions, this submission is from the winner of the IoT Challenge that is run by the Eclipse IoT WG. I personally would like to see this presentation since it is a interesting story and use case.  

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