How to get people to pay money for the software you love to write

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If you love to write code, employers will queue up to employ you. Okay, some social skills are usually required, and I just assume that you are a talented coder – otherwise you would not love it.

But is employment by a French coproation right for you? Maybe you should look elsewhere in Europe, or head to Silicon Valey (in spite of Trump)? On the other hand, maybe that is to constraining: Maybe a research position would give you more fredom? Or maybe you should try to launch your own business to sell your kick-ass software?

I've tried it all: I earned my spurs on Market Street, San Francisco. I worked in emplyoment and enjoyed the freedom as a researcher. In fact, that freedom allowed me to co-create the Eclipse Requirements Modeling Framework (RMF), of which I am still the the project lead. And this this let to my starting a business, based on Eclipse RMF.

So I have seen and tried a number of approaches. There is no best way, but it's important to undstand what works for YOU. But in order to figure this out, it is important to understands the differences, the pros and cons, and the pitfalls.

In this talk, I will give you the tools to help you make the right decisions, and even more important, to figure out which option supports your calling – writing code – the best. For instance, inexperienced coders underestimate the importance of sales and marketing (yuk!) required when starting a business. Likewise, experienced evelopers may not even consider taking on a research position, not realizing that such a position in computer science provides a lot of freedom for writing software.

To help you with planning your career path as a code loving developer, materials including checklists, decision trees and spreadsheets will be published by the day of this talk.

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