Getting started with Jubula - an UI test automation framework

Over the last couple of years Jubula has grown to a versatile UI test automation framework which supports

  • a wide variety of application technologies (including JavaFX, SWT/RCP, GEF, Swing, HTML, ...) as well as
  • two very different testing approaches: keyword-based code-free automation in the ITE vs. IDE coding and executing tests directly e.g. as JUnit suites

As with all larger frameworks it is good to know where to start and where to head especially if different paradigms come into play. This talk will give you

  • an overview of Jubula 5.0 (coming with Oxygen) and
  • a 1:1 hands-on comparison (including many demos) of the pros and cons for the two testing approaches.

This talk is suitable for anyone interested in automated testing, regardless of their experience.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017 - 16:45 to 17:20

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