Embedding Sirius in a Pure E4 Application - Lessons Learned and Future Plans

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Ever wonder what it would take to get an Eclipse Sirius diagram editor to work in an Eclipse 4 Application? I took an expedition through Sirius and it's dependencies on a mission to find out! After a few days of ripping things apart, putting them together, making wild guesses, and more than a few "git reset --hard" commands - I made it to my final destination.

We will cover the perils and pitfalls that I encountered on my journey:

  1. Shared Images - you get the picture?
  2. Help?!?
  3. Life before Log4j
  4. Services and EServices
  5. Where's my Workbench?

Now that we have something working, how do we map the journey for others to follow? Can we build permanent brigdes or clear alternate routes to make life easier? We will discuss approaches for future work that can co-exist with current development efforts involving GEF, GMF, and Sirius.

I will convert my previous article on this subject into slides with source code for this talk.

The modified repositories for GEF, GMF, and Sirius will be posted as well.

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Thursday, June 22, 2017 - 10:45 to 11:20

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