Driving Intelligent Transportation System with Capella

Pushed by the introduction of Intelligent Transportation System communication technology and demands from customers for vehicle connectivity, new e-services are emerging in the automotive industry. However, the service and product definitions are a tremendous issue as neither end-user nor OEMs requirements are mature enough, mainly due to innovation positioning of products and to diversity of connected devices. In addition, the security is a big concern to clarify in system architecture during the requirement elicitation. Model Based Engineering technology and associated tool environment are largely established in Continental divisions, but system engineering process efficiency can still be improved and domain can be enlarged. Classical approach uses standardized modeling language (SYSML or UML), Domain Specific Language (DSL) (tool specific), or even dedicated to Automotive (AUTOSAR, EAST-ADL). Actual practices are mostly centered on architecture description dedicated to System and Software relations, where model based requirement and model based test management are limited in practice at system design level. Despite the tool capability to support adaptation to internal methods (for example template definition, profile support, etc), the tool configuration and interoperability are always an issue. To overcome these limitations and emphases on add-value methods and not only basic editing features, the open source Eclipse Modeling technology penetrates the tool market share. Under the umbrella of Eclipse foundation, some industrials organized themselves to package Model Based Engineering Platforms. In the context of the Polarsys working group (https://www.polarsys.org/), the Capella tool associated to Arcadia methodology was published late 2014. This environment is the result of Thales Group internal research matured under a worldwide deployment since 7 years, and used today for internal development as well contractual assignment with their suppliers. The foreseen capability of Capella open source platform seems to overcome actual gaps identified in commercial tool for Model Based System Engineering, in particular due to methodological automation aspects. The potential process area of interest has been identified as: Requirement for clarification of user operational needs and functional scenario definition for system tests; Architecture for product breakdown structure with consistency checks; System Engineering collaboration based on ViewPoints (Functional Safety, Product Line Engineering, Performance, etc...). System engineers from Interior Body & Security Business Unit (I BS RD AS Toulouse), involved in early discussion with an OEM for a new Smart Access product definition, decided to investigate potential of new methods proposed by Capella platform. The early project discussion with unclear end-user requirements and internal product line approach favor the identification of potential benefits and allow capitalizing awareness with support of central organization. The talks will present this Capella/Arcadia feature and return of experience from the Continental Automotive use cases.

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Thursday, June 22, 2017 - 14:15 to 14:50

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