How to provide a portable developer workspace with Eclipse Che?

Developers are facing big changes in the way they are working since the raise of Docker. It’s terribly trendy and popular. Containers are heavily used to build, ship and run softwares.But what are the biggest impacts and values for the Developers?

Developers can benefit from portable developer environments leveraging the Docker containers technologies. It’s the main purpose of Eclipse Che. During this session we will discuss the various changes containers have provided to the developers, why dockerizing your projects and what are the best tactics to achieve that with Eclipse Che?

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Jenkins @ Scale

If you have a Jenkins master with a handful of agents, or no agents at all, and you would like to go to the next level, read more.

In this session, we will present you the new User Experience of Jenkins: Blue Ocean, and will show how to easily create your Declarative Pipeline using the new Visual Editor. From there, we will then demonstrate how to set up a Job in a few seconds to automatically builds all your branches, your Pull-Requests and post back build status.

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