Developing Robotic Applications Using Model-Driven Engineering Techniques

This workshoip gives attendees an opportunity to gain practical experience in combining Model-Driven Engineering with the development of robotic applications using UML for Real-Time (UML-RT) and Papyrus-RT. UML-RT is a profile of UML specifically designed for Real-Time and Embedded (RTE) systems. It has a long, successful track record of application and tool support via, e.g., IBM Rational RoseRT, IBM RSA-RTE, and now Papyrus-RT. Papyrus-RT is an Eclipse-based, open-source modeling development environment for UML-RT systems. It allows the generation of complete, executable code from models and advances the state-of-art via support for model representation with mixed graphical / textual notations and an extensible code generator.

This workshops will consist of several interleaving examples and hands-on sessions in order to familiarize attendees with the development of robotic applications using Papyrus-RT. It includes the following steps: - a) Introduction to the core modelling concepts of UML-RT (capsules, protocols and ports, state machines) and code generation with Papyrus-RT, and b) the graphical representation and modification of structural and behavioural models in Papyrus and their use for code generation; - a) Introduction to the modelling of robotic applications with Papyrus-RT and deployment on target platforms (Raspberry PI) and b) hands-on sessions for modelling simple use cases with basic sensors and actuators (LED, push button, presence sensor, ultra-sonic detection sensor, etc.); - a) Introduction to the Eclipse PolarSys Rover, and b) development with Papyrus-RT of simple scenarios to drive the Rover (move forward, move backwards, rotate, etc.); - Development of more complex robotic applications (follow the line, obstacle detection and avoidance, etc.) using Papyrus-RT.

Audience: the intended audience includes everybody interested in robotic systems and the use of modelling for the development of robotic applications. Industrial practitioners, researchers from academia and industry, as well as educators are welcome and should be able to benefit. Some prior exposures to class modelling and behavioural modelling with state machines in UML are useful. Some knowledge in the development in single-board computer is not mandatory. Prior exposures to UML-RT is not mandatory as an introduction will be given at the beginning of the session. Attendees are expected to have basic notions in Unix commands (e.g., cd, ssh, make). Some single-board computers, including a bare RaspberryPI 3 with sensors / actuators will be provided to attendees to test their development. Attendees are expected to bring their own laptops.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017 - 14:00 to 17:30

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