Debugging DSLs with Xtext's new Tracing API

These days implementing code generators has become quite easy.

However, building professional tools supporting you in

  • navigating back and forth between the sources and the generated text,
  • running and debugging the source models instead of the generated artifacts, and
  • transferring changes in the text back to the sources

is a much more challenging task, but also an interesting one.

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Debug Java code like a Pro

Writing code only comes second when talking about the developer work. The main and first task is reading and debugging. For that purpose, the Eclipse Java development tools are wonderful. Its most powerful tools are often unknown though. This talk will help you unleash this power and help you debug your Java code like a pro. The talk will also cover the new debugging features that are coming with Eclipse 4.8 (code name Oxygen, to be released late June 2017). So, even if you're an experienced Java programmer, you will learn some tips and tricks.

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