Code Coverage in Practice

Finally the award-winning EclEmma code coverage plug-in for Eclipse became an project! This is a good opportunity to summarize experiences and best practices, such as continuous inspection, for efficient usage of one of the most popular open-source tool to measure Java code coverage that EclEmma integrates into Eclipse - JaCoCo ( ).

The presentation will present different use cases and guide you through different integration points that exist beside the Eclipse IDE. We will also talk about interoperability with other tools, common pitfalls and how to prevent them.

And all this is for you exclusively firsthand by the insiders of the world of code quality - developers of SonarQube, JaCoCo and Eclipse EclEmma Plugin.


  • A bit of history, current status of EclEmma at and what's coming
  • Use Cases
  • Principles and Best Practices
  • Usage within the Eclipse IDE
  • Integration in Various Build Tools
  • Continuous Inspection
  • Common Pitfalls and how to avoid them


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Thursday, June 22, 2017 - 09:00 to 09:35

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