Charts to the Eclipse people - The making-of

What is better comprehensible: a table with tons of values or a chart? The answer depends on the point of view. The computer better "understands" the table. But we humans are very good when it comes to image recognition. Personally, I prefer the image too. Next question: Is a lightweight charting library available in the Eclipse ecosystem? Sure, some solutions exist like Eclipse BIRT ( or the Eclipse Nebula visualization widgets ( But I missed a library which can be easily used and extended. The main requirement for Eclipse ChemClipse ( was to plot chromatograms "line series" and mass spectra "bar series". Finally, I came across the fabulous library called SWTChart ( It is lightweight and offers a well-designed API. I was able to create specialized charts for chromatograms and mass spectra based on SWTChart. After years of experience how to use the library, I made the decision to refactor my extensions and remove the dirty-hacks I've added over the time. But instead of doing it for ChemClipse only, I thought it's better to refactor my extensions in a generic way, so that other Eclipse projects can re-use the library. Here we are. I will show how to easily:

* Use the chart library
* Create line charts
* Create bar charts
* Create scatter charts

The generic chart library is currently developed under the umbrella of the ChemClipse project. It will be migrated to the Eclipse Advanced Visualization Project ( within the next months, so that it will be available under the aegis of EAVP before the conference starts.

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Thursday, June 22, 2017 - 13:30 to 14:05

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