Driving Intelligent Transportation System with Capella

Pushed by the introduction of Intelligent Transportation System communication technology and demands from customers for vehicle connectivity, new e-services are emerging in the automotive industry. However, the service and product definitions are a tremendous issue as neither end-user nor OEMs requirements are mature enough, mainly due to innovation positioning of products and to diversity of connected devices. In addition, the security is a big concern to clarify in system architecture during the requirement elicitation.

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Doc2M Update your model from your document in a breeze !

The Model-Driven Design approach is centered on the use of a model repository and a modelling tool. A drawback of the approach is that the evolution of derived artefacts (such as documents, code tests) requires to go back to the model. This process involves tracing the source element back in the model editor before triggering the update of the artefact. This can reveal quite inefficient and even causing user rejection.

Our talk presents a reusable mechanism matured over 5 years in model-based tooling (actually for requirements engineering) and deployed in international companie.

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Squaring the Capella circle: Open Source, Agile, Traditional

For many good reasons, Thales made the choice in 2013 to Open Source its field-proven, largely deployed, but proprietary modeling workbench Capella -- embarking all its enabling technologies such as Kitalpha, EGF, EMF Diff/Merge and Sirius in the process. The journey since that strategic decision has been a very challenging one, with no less than two tremendous transformations implemented simultaneously.

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