Jenkins Pipeline

During this workshop, we will build, test and deploy a project by implementing a basic Continuous Delivery workflow with Jenkins Pipeline ecosystem. We will explore some cool features and tools around Jenkins Pipeline like Jenkins Declarative Pipeline, BlueOcean, Visual Editor, through concrete examples. Each attendee will have its own infrastructure during this workshop.

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Developing Robotic Applications Using Model-Driven Engineering Techniques

This workshoip gives attendees an opportunity to gain practical experience in combining Model-Driven Engineering with the development of robotic applications using UML for Real-Time (UML-RT) and Papyrus-RT. UML-RT is a profile of UML specifically designed for Real-Time and Embedded (RTE) systems. It has a long, successful track record of application and tool support via, e.g., IBM Rational RoseRT, IBM RSA-RTE, and now Papyrus-RT. Papyrus-RT is an Eclipse-based, open-source modeling development environment for UML-RT systems.

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Building a Language Server with Xtext

In this workshop, you will learn how to use Xtext to build a language server for your domain-specific language (DSL). The workshop will start with a brief introduction to the most important core principals of Xtext. After the baseline is set, attendees will learn about the language server protocol and how to deploy and use your Xtext languages as a language server. We will offer different platforms to run your developed language server, like VSCode, Eclipse LSP4E or the new Theia project. Additional advanced topics like extending the protocol will be covered as well.

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