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What can Papyrus-RT do do for you?

This session will demo how Papyrus-RT v1.0 can be used to create models, both graphical and textual, that can be transformed into compilable C++ code for reactive real-time embedded applications. It will also showcase Papyrus's ability to be used to implement domain-specific modeling tools, UML-RT in this case.

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A RESTful microservice for querying p2 repository contents

The p2 API is not known for its intuitiveness and requires an Equinox container at runtime. If repository contents should be accessed programmatically this is a bit overkill. So why not hiding all this in a microservice and make the metadata available through a REST API?

This demo shows how to create a microservice from a headless Eclipse application, integrate JAX-RS and accessing p2 API for querying p2 metadata. It is also a blueprint to make other kind of (headless) Eclipse applications accessible via RESTful services.

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Visualizing Xtext models with Sirius - Beyond Lines and Boxes

Domain-specific languages implemented with Xtext have proven to be powerful in many areas ranging from requirements specifications to programming languages. One key factor to success is the textual representation of the model which eases creation, maintainance and especially merging. Nevertheless, at some point a graphical representation simplifies the communication by giving a broader overview of the modeled elements.

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Rapid Prototyping of Eclipse RCP Applications


Assuming you are an Eclipse RCP application developer, and you need to quickly create a prototype for your customer, ask yourself: 

  • Which technology stack would you use to quickly prototype an Eclipse RCP application?
  • Is your architecture good enough to be customized and to be used in a real world scenario?

In this showtime demo, I'll present my experience as Eclipse RCP Application developer, explaining how to quickly prototype an RCP application for banking with a simple, effective, and extensible technology stack based on:

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