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Software Heritage: Preserving our Software Commons

The Software Commons is the vast body of human knowledge embedded in software source code, that is publicly available and can be freely altered and reused. Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) constitutes the bulk of it. Sadly we seem to be at increasing risk of losing this precious heritage built by the FOSS community over the paste decades: code hosting sites shut down when their popularity decreases, tapes of ancient versions of our toolchain (bit-)rot in basements, etc.

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Simplified Open Source Contributions with Eclipse Che

Today, OpenSource contributions have never been that simple thanks to Git and Pull Requests. The old days when external contributions were done through “patch” files attached to a issue tracker is over!!!!! We can send our contributions with Github Pull Requests.
However, OpenSource projects are not always that simple to setup and submitting a Pull Request may involve a lot of Git manipulations that can discourage external contributors ...

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Three Software Stacks Required for IoT Solutions

The typical architecture of any IoT solutions involves constrained devices, IoT gateways and IoT Cloud Platforms. This presentation will provide some insight into the software requirements for this type of architecture and identify three software stacks required for building an IoT solution. 

The presentation will also give an overview of open source projects available today for IoT developers and in particular how the Eclipse IoT community is delivering technology for each of the 3 software stacks required for IoT solutions. 

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Oxygen New & Noteworthy

Every year, the Eclipse Simultaneous Release brings together the hard work of dozens of open source projects into a single coordinated release. But you probably already know that. You probably already live that. While most Eclipse committers don't tend to think of the simultaneous release as a product, most of our users do. For millions of software developers, the the installer and many flavours of Eclipse IDE are products. While it's important that we carefully manage expectations, it's also important that we understand and respect the expectations of our massive user community.

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B612 Polarsys font

Different internal studies performed on previous Airbus aircraft concluded that display enhancement could be done in terms of legibility and reading comfort. Also, due to the use of several different fonts on the different interfaces, the cockpit homogeneity could be improved.
In the frame of an R&T program, Airbus Human Factors conducted a study for the development of a font that would meet the two above-mentioned criteria.
Some preliminary studies were performed:

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Eclipse Intellectual Property - A New Era ...

This Ignite Talk will focus on recent changes the Eclipse Foundation has made to its Intellectual Property process in order to better serve the needs of our community while still maintaining our Best Practices!

Presentation Highlights:

Intellectual Property Management
Arrival of Dual IP Review Steams
New Approach for Service/Minor Revisions of Third Party Dependencies
Modernization of our Guide to Legal Documentation

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News from CBI land

CBI can mean different things. Not only "Common Build Infrastructure", but also "Continuous Build Improvement". So whether you just joined the Eclipse community or have been around for a long time, this talk will give you an update what's new with CBI and how you can make use of it for your own project.

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IT geek in IT services company: Survival Guide

An IT enthusiast discovers the joys of a Services Company. Faced with all the frustrations, she has three solutions:

- Abandon ship

- Grin and bear it

- Make a difference

You guessed it, I'm here to talk about the third solution. If the environment is unfriendly, change it. 
I will try to answer the question "Can I transform a big company into a more geek-friendly environment?" and revealing to you my recipe to make this happen.

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