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What can Papyrus-RT do do for you?

This session will demo how Papyrus-RT v1.0 can be used to create models, both graphical and textual, that can be transformed into compilable C++ code for reactive real-time embedded applications. It will also showcase Papyrus's ability to be used to implement domain-specific modeling tools, UML-RT in this case.

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The Past, Present, and Future of Robotics

Robotics and automation are increasingly important in today’s complex business environments, and we believe that collaborative robots will soon become an everyday part of our business and personal lives.

This presentation will focus on the history of PAL Robotics: who we are and what we do, our experience in the industry, and what we expect and hope to see in the coming months and years.

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Meet & Greet the Eclipse Research Project Community

Since 2014, the Eclipse Foundation was invited to join European Research projects to assist them in Dissemination, Community Building and OSS best practices. Today, we are directly involved in 5 EU projects and we are in touch with few others who are interested to join our dynamic community. Some of these projects are just starting, some other are in the middle of their timeline and one of them is finishing in July 2017. Each of these projects has or will have an Eclipse project created in our forge.

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TypeScript, Future of JavaScript and rise of the transpilers

JavaScript is the most used language in the world.

Today, ES6, ES7 and in the near future, ES8, the rise of JavaScript on the server side, thanks to NodeJS, and the emergence of transpilers like Babel, CoffeeScript or TypeScript, are going to make JavaScript and the web development a new model in the B2B and B2C development, embrassing the desktop, tablets, browser and mobile development, a unique platform for every web developer.

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B612 Polarsys font

Different internal studies performed on previous Airbus aircraft concluded that display enhancement could be done in terms of legibility and reading comfort. Also, due to the use of several different fonts on the different interfaces, the cockpit homogeneity could be improved.
In the frame of an R&T program, Airbus Human Factors conducted a study for the development of a font that would meet the two above-mentioned criteria.
Some preliminary studies were performed:

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IT geek in IT services company: Survival Guide

An IT enthusiast discovers the joys of a Services Company. Faced with all the frustrations, she has three solutions:

- Abandon ship

- Grin and bear it

- Make a difference

You guessed it, I'm here to talk about the third solution. If the environment is unfriendly, change it. 
I will try to answer the question "Can I transform a big company into a more geek-friendly environment?" and revealing to you my recipe to make this happen.

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