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The new era of ALM in Airbus with Tuleap (sponsored by Airbus)

For two years, Airbus has performed a huge change in its mindset and focuses more and more on Open-Source. Large applications have been developed with Open-Source technologies but also with Open-Source mindset (open ways of working). Airbus becomes more and more digitalized and there is no digitalization without Open-Source: who have ever seen or done Big Data without Open-Source?

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The role of industry consortia in open source development: The Papyrus Industry Consortium story

In the past, Eclipse working group gathered like-minded people and companies to collaborate on sets of projects in a specific field of expertise - and that is a good thing.

In some cases, something more was required, not only the grouping of projects working in the same domain, but a more concerted effort to drive to a common vision of an integrated solution.

And thus came the idea of industry consortia being parts of these working group. And this is what led to the creation of the Papyrus Industry consortium (Papyrus IC).

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Pull Request, Mattermost connectors, Tracker Query Language - the latest Tuleap big features

In the latest versions, Tuleap confirms its ALM strategy: providing tooling for all the software teams members: for developers, here are Git Pull Requests, for Project Leads, the Advanced Tracker Query Language, for Agile people, Mattermost Scrum reports.
This talk will explain you how to use these valuable features now available on the platform put at all Eclipse projects' disposal.

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SW360 - The Component Management Hub

SW360 lets organizations manage third-party and own software components throughout the entire life cycle. Using SW360 as a one-stop shop for component information, organizations can track the components used in a project or product to:

•assess security vulnerabilities;
•reliably maintain license information;
•enforce software-related policies; generate customized reports;
•manage BOMs of products/solutions/projects;
•are able to automatically generate project or product required license compliance artifacts (e.g. Readme file / disclosure documents).

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Squaring the Capella circle: Open Source, Agile, Traditional

For many good reasons, Thales made the choice in 2013 to Open Source its field-proven, largely deployed, but proprietary modeling workbench Capella -- embarking all its enabling technologies such as Kitalpha, EGF, EMF Diff/Merge and Sirius in the process. The journey since that strategic decision has been a very challenging one, with no less than two tremendous transformations implemented simultaneously.

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Eclipse Intellectual Property - A New Era ...

This Ignite Talk will focus on recent changes the Eclipse Foundation has made to its Intellectual Property process in order to better serve the needs of our community while still maintaining our Best Practices!

Presentation Highlights:

Intellectual Property Management
Arrival of Dual IP Review Steams
New Approach for Service/Minor Revisions of Third Party Dependencies
Modernization of our Guide to Legal Documentation

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Ethics in Software

Software is impacting every area of our lives, and will be even more omnipresent in the future. We have seen during the last few years on many occasions how a small glitch can have unprecendented consequences, from data leaks to people being harmed. As software developers and members of a community, we have responsibilities towards our users, our fellow developers, and the world. In this talk we will consider the ethical implications of software development and production, why it is important, and how we can do it better for the world and for ourselves while still being pragmatic.

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