From nothing to complete environment with Maven, Oomph & Docker

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In this talk we want to show how automation can help getting started on a project or creating a new service for an existing platform.
We will show how Maven, Oomph and Docker can be utilized to start with nothing and end up with

  • New projects including build scripts and a target definition to build a complete application
  • An Eclipse configured with all needed plugins for development on the scaffolded new projects
  • Configuration for the Eclipse instance to build the new projects
  • Even more Eclipse configuration for the target environment we develop for
  • Docker scripts to get our new project up and running in a completely local target environment with depending services

After performing the setup, we will take a peek behind the curtain, to see what can be generated with Maven, what possibilities Oomph provides for the IDE setup, and how both tools can be combined for improved automation.

Our example will show setting up a new simple ModelBus service, but the principles shown here can help you with your own target environment.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017 - 16:45 to 17:20

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