A word for speakers - Why submit a talk?

by Aurélie Vache

Debating whether or not to submit a talk? Aurélie Vache has some answers for you.

Speaking in front of people is an exercise that is not without challenges but is so rewarding. Share your experience, present a technology, do a live-coding, tell how you have to build an entire stack hosted in the cloud processing a large volume of data, replicated, load balanced ... These are some of the many examples. Whether you are more front, back, ops, data, UX ... What you have to say is important.

I have heard many reasons for not speaking. Here are a few of them.

I have nothing important to say..

If you have an idea, you use a technology, you know well a subject, it’s not “not important”. Take several hours and days to write your abstract, think about it and you will see that it will great to share this to another people.

I’m not legitimate

If you ask yourself the question is often the proof that you are legitimate.

What I have to say has already been said

Of course another person must have already talked about the topic you want to talk about. But, that does not mean you do not have your chance, or that your talk will not be better at the end than another person. What is most important to you? Share your experience? Discover your favorite technology / tool? Show that by using this, that and another language and techno tool, one can fly a drone based on the price of a currency?

I have never been a speaker

One must start one day! :-) Have you ever imagined, dreamed of a talk about a topic that you are passionate about? What if it was time for you to get started?

I have no ideas

No ideas, no problem! Here is a list of the type of talks that we want to see at EclipseCon France 2017. If you have other ideas, we also welcome them!


Presenting a talk at a conference requires a lot of preparation, research, reading white papers, books, articles, experiments, writing and editing slides. In the end all this work is technically and humanly enriching and allows you to be even more confident about the topic being tackled.

We at Duchess France, an association promoting women developers and women in IT, inspiring and encouraging them to speak at conferences or technical events, are used to helping speakers to write their abstracts. If their proposal is accepted we can also organize practice sessions in real life, or depending on your location, via hangout.

To conclude, you are great! Do not forget it. What makes a good conference is its organization with its staff, the quality and diversity of its talks and speakers and of course, attendees!

Do not wait any longer to submit! :-)


Aurelie Vache

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