Which EclipseCon France Talk Track is Right for my Talk?

by Tracy Miranda

The call for papers for EclipseCon France 2017 is now open! And this year you may notice some great new additions. The members of the PC attend many conferences and are very connected into their respective open source communities. So we looked at what has worked well before as well as general trends in the software industry to redesign the tracks for EclipseCon France. It has been great working with the program committee to put this together. The call for papers highlights the new tracks and what we are looking for in each one.

In addition, here’s my own view of the tracks.

Modeling Logos

EclipseCon France has always unofficially been labelled the ‘modeling conference’. We felt it was about time this was reflected in the talk tracks, with not just one but two dedicated tracks to modelling. There is the Xtext Summit, for all technology related to the innovative textual modelling technology and also a Modeling & Related Technologies track for those popular technologies like Sirius, EMF, Capella and more.

EclipseCon France is also the place for the Eclipse Working Groups to meet and collaborate. The ever-growing area of Internet of Things has its own dedicated IoT track. In addition, many of the working groups such as Science, LocationTech and OpenPASS are using domain specific data together with technology to make significant advances. Data is a hot topic right now and with this in mind we have the new track ‘Data Analytics and Data Science’ awaiting your proposals.

The Cloud and DevOps track remains a firm favourite and we hope to see an increased number of proposals for this track. Eclipse Technologies and Community is the foundational track, for your favourite IDE, RCP, OSGi, eGit and other topics.

Another new track we really wanted to put out there is the Open Source Best Practices. At my first ever EclipseCon it was a big thing to talk about the ‘Eclipse Way’ as well as best practices. Now with oh-so-many industries adopting open source it seems like a good time to have a dedicated track where everybody can come together to share the best practices that are fundamental to being successful with open source. Personally, I really love comparing notes to see how others manage the nitty-gritty of open source.

Still reading? Haven’t quite yet found the track to go off and submit a talk for? Well then the Other Cool Stuff track is probably what you are looking for. This is always full of surprises, it’s the one track we can never predict the talks for and always has something new and fun from the community. Plus if you are really not sure where to submit, just do it in this category and the program committee will change it if necessary. The program committee are eagerly awaiting your proposals and even ready to give some early feedback. So go ahead and submit your talks and submit early!


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