If you have attended EclipseCon France before, you may be asking "Where are the workshops?"

They haven't gone away, but they have moved! The Unconference on Tuesday, June 20, has been expanded to include hands-on sessions, called Un-workshops, that are presented and organized by the community. Presenters are free to choose the format and context for their Un-workshops. The current list is below, and we expect to add one or two more.

To attend an Un-workshop, register for the Unconference, and then sign up for a workshop with a "Use this form" link below. Note that the Xtext and January workshops are both in the morning, so you can choose only one of those. The Papyrus RT workshop is in the afternoon.

  • Building a Language Server with Xtext - presented as part of the two-day Xtext Summit. Use this form to register.
  • Eclipse January Workshop -  by the Science Working Group as part of the Science @ EclipseCon France activities. Use this form to register.
  • Developing Robotic Applications Using Model-Driven Engineering Techniques -  Nicolas Hili and Gael Blondelle. Use this form to register.

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