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Itemis is an independent IT consultancy and offer products and services for efficient software development projects. One of our core competencies is the automation of software development through model based development procedures. We provide support to our customers in systems engineering, development of the Internet of things (ioT) and enterprise applications. Services we provide include Scrum and agile project management, IT-modernization, app-development and usability engineering. With offices throughout Germany, France and Switzerland we are always just a short distance away from you.

itemis has been a strategic member of the Foundation for many years. EclipseCon has always been a great opportunity to let people know what we are doing, to meet interesting people and to share knowledge. As a driver of Xtext we are very proud to have the Xtext Summit colocated with EclipseCon this year. We hope that the XtextSummit will become as popular as the XtextCon has been some years before. We are proud to sponsor EclipseCon and to help make it a great event.

Look out for our booth and chat with us. We’ll bring a small and smart friend that will make you smile. ;-).


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