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Hashtag Pitches: Speakers describe their talks in 3 hashtags

No time to read the abstract? We asked our speakers to describe their talks in 3 Hashtags. Here's what they came up with.

#formatter #xtext #sigasi

June 21 09:00 Xtending our VHDL Xtext formatter with the formatter2 API

#InMoodForLife #EclipseIoT #portable-workspace

June 21 09:45 InTheMoodForLife, Open Source Sleep analyser for mood disorders,
First award of the Eclipse OpenIoTChallenge

#Cloud-IDE #Docker #portable-workspace

June 21 09:45 How to provide a portable developer workspace with Eclipse Che?

#docker #openshift #microservices

June 21 15:00 Easy container oriented development with Docker and OpenShift tooling

#Xtext #expressions #XtextSummit

June 21 16:00 Introduction to expression languages in Xtext

#swheritage #sourcecode #knowledge

June 21 Ignite talk 17:30 Software Heritage: Preserving our Software Commons

#iot #oneM2M #java

June 22 09:00 Reach IoT interoperability with standard and open source APIs

#EclipseOxygen #CodeCoverage #EclEmma

June 22 09:00 Code Coverage in Practice

#modeling #ecoretools #gemocstudio

June 22 09:45 EcoreTools-Next: Executable DSL made (more) accessible

#EclipseHacking #Python #Scripting

June 22 09:45 How EASE unleashes the scientific power of Airbus' engineers in Eclipse

#jenkinsAtScale #jenkinsBlueOcean #pipelineMadeEasy

June 22 13:30 Jenkins @ Scale

#iot #apachecamel #integration

June 22 14:15 Why and how to leverage Apache Camel Integration Framework in your IoT architecture

#modelpatch #diffmerge #collaboration

June 22 16:00 Patching the gap in collaborating on models

Showtime Demo: PolarSys Rover with UML-RT & Papyrus RT

Driving the Eclipse PolarSys Rover with UML-RT and Papyrus-RT

Drop by the Showtime Demos on Wednesday over lunch and see Nicolas Hili's demo, Driving Eclipse PolarSys Rover with UML-RT and Papyrus RT. Here's a preview !

Sponsor Testimonial: Microsoft

Microsoft is back for its second year at @EclipseCon! Why? Because the Open Source challenge has been embraced by Microsoft and we want to share this great experience with you! Come and meet us during two amazing sessions starting with:

Research Corner

Meet the network of Eclipse European Projects at the Research Corner. Learn more about the projects and their communities that have been awarded by the H2020 and ITEA programs. View the schedule and read a brief about each project.

Speaker Pitch - B612: the new font for future cockpits?

Laurent Spaggiari tells us the story behind his ignite talk "B612 Polarsys font".

Various studies have been conducted to assess the quality of displays on Airbus equipment including the A380, A400M and A350. The general conclusion was that the displays could be improved in terms of readability (detecting and/or reducing risk of error) and of reading comfort. In addition, if you included the screen used to display pilot/maintenance documentation, the cockpit was not homogenous due to the multiple fonts used.

Sponsor Testimonial: Tuleap

For the second year in a row, the Tuleap Team is joining Eclipse Community members at Eclipsecon France. We're looking forward to the chance to share and exchange with everyone in the French community. This year we are excited to have two talks in the program. In the talk, The new era of ALM in Airbus with Tuleap, you can learn about how Airbus is using Tuleap in an integrated open-source strategy including open innovation, digitalization and big data management. Manon Midy will be introducing the latest features in Tuleap, demonstrating our ALM strategy in her talk "Pull Request, Mattermost connectors, Tracker Query Language- the latest Tuleap Features.

Speaker Pitch: From nothing to complete environment with Maven, Oomph & Docker

by Max Bureck

Sometimes building integrations into classical Eclipse/OSGi based technologies has a long and error prone ramp-up phase. This alienates new developers and even bothers experienced programmers, making Eclipse based technology seem more complicated than it really is. Fortunately a little automation can already go a long way.

See all the speaker pitches.

Interview with keynote speaker Francesco Ferro

Learn about Francesco Ferro's path to becoming CEO of PAL Robotics and the team accomplishments. Gain insights into current and trending developments in the field:

Every time we launch a new robot, it’s a special moment for the team. Seeing all the hard work, sweat and tears that go into creating something from scratch come to fruition is a great feeling. The first time we saw our first robot, REEM-A, walk was incredibly special. Since then we’ve gone on to build and launch eight other robots, but a personal highlight was when we presented REEM-B on Al Reem Island in Abu Dhabi in 2008.The royal family, presidents and CEOs of some major middle Eastern companies were in attendance, and the event was covered by global media outlets, including the BBC and CNBC.

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