About the Program Committee

Each of the community members below has committed to serving as a member of the core team that chooses the conference program. The committee will review, discuss, and evaluate each session prior to finalizing the program, taking into account the community reviews and other criteria (overall program diversity, speaker experience, quality of talk description, and more).


To contact the program committee, send email.

Tracy Miranda (committee chair) is a developer, open source evangelist and veteran of the Eclipse community. She is founder of Kichwa Coders, a consultancy specialising in Eclipse tools for embedded and scientific software. She is also a steering committee member for the Eclipse science working group. Tracy has a background in electronics system design, including patents for her work on processor architectures. She writes for opensouce.com and jaxenter.com on tech, open source & diversity.

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Olivier Barais is a Full Professor at the University of Rennes 1, member of the DiverSE INRIA research team. He passes a PhD in computer science from the University of Lille 1, France in 2005. His research interests include Component Based Software Design, Model-Driven Engineering and Aspect Oriented Modeling. Olivier Barais has co-authored articles in conferences and journals such as SoSyM, IEEE Computer, ICSE, ASE, MoDELS, SPLC and CBSE. Olivier is also information technology enthusiast. He enjoys trying new frameworks for developping crazy applications and playing with open-source hardware projects.

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Stéphane Bégaudeau is an Eclipse Modeling consultant at Obeo, a strategic member of the Eclipse Foundation. He is experienced with modeling technologies and web development and he is the leader of the Acceleo project. He is also an active committer on both Eclipse Sirius and Eclipse EEF. Stéphane has given multiple presentations at EclipseCon in the past. In his free time, he likes to travel around the world.

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Alain Bernard works as a Flight Physics Capability Developer at Airbus in Toulouse, where he tries to make engineers’ life better by building an Eclipse-based workbench for their studies. He is also involved in promoting the Eclipse framework and ecosystem within Airbus and participates in the Polarsys and Science Working Groups. After work, he also shares his knowledge of Eclipse technologies on the French website developpez.com by answering questions and writing tutorials. Outside the Eclipse world, he likes hiking in the mountains, everywhere in the world or making his home lights blinking with a RaspberryPi.

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Marcel Bruch is project lead of the Eclipse Code Recommenders project, CEO and founder of Codetrails (the company behind Eclipse Code Recommenders), and serves on the Eclipse Architecture Council. He aims to support software developers efficiently in their daily work with the aid of Big (Software Development) Data, and by making IDEs and development processes smarter than they are today.

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Mickael Istria (committee chair emeritus) is an Eclipse developer for Red Hat, and a member of the team developing JBoss Tools and JBoss Developer Studio. Prior to that he was a developer for several open source Eclipse RCP projects: Petals Studio, Bonita Studio (Best Eclipse Modeling Tool 2011), and Scarbo. He's now contributing to various Eclipse.org projects such as Eclipse Platform, SWTBot, Tycho, EGit, and m2e, and was previously also contributing to Modeling technologies such as GMF. He is interested in methodologies and tools to improve productivity and software quality, and a developer's life in general. Mickael's daily work focuses on user experience inside the IDE and build, quality, and production improvements for JBoss Tools and JBoss Developer Studio, and all related technologies and concepts.

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Laurent Lagosanto is Senior Architect at MicroEJ, an Independent Software Vendor providing Virtual Machine-based operating systems and solutions for small embedded devices. MicroEJ, a long-time Eclipse adopter, has incepted the Edje project on Eclipse.org and will be providing an open-source reference implementation of Edje on top of MicroEJ OS. Laurent has been working in the embedded Java space for almost 20 years, starting with banking terminals and avionic systems, and then going down to Java in the very small, joining the Java Card teams at Gemalto and at Oracle, designing and implementing Java Virtual Machines for security-oriented devices like smart cards or any memory-constrained and CPU-constrained devices.

Philip Langer is a software architect and general manager of EclipseSource Services in Vienna. He has many years of experience with Eclipse RCP, EMF, and several modeling technologies and works as a consultant to customers in these areas. His current main focus is the development of domain-specific modeling tools, as well as model diff/merge with Git. Also he is a committer for EMF Compare, Papyrus-RT, and EMF Store. Besides, Philip is the author of more than 50 publications of peer-reviewed journals, conferences, and workshops in the area of model-based software engineering.

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Harald Mackamul works as a Senior Expert at Corporate Research for Robert Bosch GmbH. His current focus is on software development tools for embedded multicore systems. He is project lead of the Eclipse project APP4MC, and leads the platform activities in the publicly funded project AMALTHEA4public. Since 2009, he has been a member of the Eclipse Automotive Working Group.

Aurélie Vache is a Lead and Full-Stack Developer , working for atchikservices in Toulouse, France. She has been working as a developer for over 10 years. A former Java/JEE developer, she has been developing business and social apps, backend and frontend services, websites, and lead technical projects. She enjoys Big Data technologies. As a Duchess France Leader, she is strongly involved with Duchess France, an association promoting women developers and women in IT, inspiring and encouraging them to speak at conferences or technical events. The Duchess France team has launched a coaching initiative (#AdoptADuchess) in order to help junior developers and people in reconversion. She is also in organization team of DevFest Toulouse.

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