Interview with keynote speaker Francesco Ferro

Learn about Francesco Ferro's path to becoming CEO of PAL Robotics and the team accomplishments. Gain insights into current and trending developments in the field:

Every time we launch a new robot, it’s a special moment for the team. Seeing all the hard work, sweat and tears that go into creating something from scratch come to fruition is a great feeling. The first time we saw our first robot, REEM-A, walk was incredibly special. Since then we’ve gone on to build and launch eight other robots, but a personal highlight was when we presented REEM-B on Al Reem Island in Abu Dhabi in 2008.The royal family, presidents and CEOs of some major middle Eastern companies were in attendance, and the event was covered by global media outlets, including the BBC and CNBC.

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Speaker Pitch: Eclipse Charting Capabilities

by Dr. Philip Wenig

Philip Wenig gives us a deeper look at the technologies behind his talk, Charts to the Eclipse people - The making-of.

What is more comprehensible: a table with tons of values or a chart? The answer depends on the point of view. The computer better "understands" the table. But we humans are very good when it comes to image recognition. Personally, I prefer the image too. Next question: Is a lightweight charting library available in the Eclipse ecosystem? Sure, solutions exist like Eclipse BIRT or the Eclipse Nebula visualization widgets. But I missed a library which can be easily used and extended.

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Speaker Pitch: Why and how to leverage Apache Camel Integration Framework in your IoT architecture

by Aurelien Pupier

Apache Camel framework is one of the most used Integration framework in middleware field. What about reusing it in your IoT infrastructure? During the talk, I will explain the benefits of Apache Camel and how to leverage them in your IoT infrastructure, from gateways in Eclipse Kura to cloud in Eclipse Kapua...

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Sponsor Testimonial: Obeo

The Obeo team is always excited to meet the Eclipse community, from project leaders to users, at EclipseCon France. Held every year at the same time as the annual Eclipse release, the conference is the best moment to unveil the latest major versions of our Open Source projects including Eclipse Sirius, and for us to collect your very early feedback.

This edition will be special with Capella Day, a one day event dedicated to Capella that will be held the day before the conference...

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