Workshops - Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Join us on the first day of the conference for the Eclipse University! Sign up for your workshops when you register for EclipseCon France 2016 - space is limited so register soon.

If you're new to workshops, find out more on Tracy Miranda's article Learn with the experts at Eclipse University.

Workshops are held at INP-ENSEEIHT (2, rue Charles Camichel, BP 7122, 31071 Toulouse).

Morning Workshops 9:30 - 12:30

Connecting low power IoT devices with LoRa, MQTT, and The Things Network

Benjamin CabeJohan Stokking

Benjamin Cabé and Johan Stokking

This tutorial will give you hands-on experience with programming and configuring a device that communicates over a LoRa network. We'll show you how to get the data from an MQTT broker and build a simple application in your language of choice.

Extending Eclipse Che to build custom cloud IDEs

Stevan Le MeurFlorent BenoitSun Tan

Stevan Le Meur, Florent Benoit, and Sun Tan

Learn how to customize Eclipse Che, the open source development environment in the cloud, by developing both client and server side extensions. You'll also get an overview of the internals of Eclipse Che to get you extending Che faster.

Hands-On Systems Modeling with ARCADIA / Capella

Pascal Roques

Pascal Roques

This workshop will guide you through the first steps of using PolarSys Capella, the model-based system engineering solution that provides methodological guidance based on the Arcadia method. Starting at the analysis levels of a case study, you will see how the Capella tool will help you design both Logical and Physical Architectures more efficiently.

Mastering your Eclipse IDE - Tips, Tricks, Java 8 tooling, Java 9 preview & More!

Noopur Gupta

Noopur Gupta and Sasikanth Bharadwaj

The Eclipse IDE provides a lot of powerful features and capabilities. With so much functionality at your disposal, many users don't use the full potential of the IDE. In this talk, the speakers will unleash many invaluable tips and tricks that will allow you to better use the Eclipse IDE and make you more productive in your routine development tasks.

Afternoon Workshops 14:00-17:00

Arduino Eclipse plugin: From installing to feeling like a pro

Jan BaeyensWim Jongman

Jan Baeyens and Wim Jongman

The arduino eclipse plugin allows you to do embedded development with the full power of eclipse behind you with nearly the same ease as the arduino IDE. The workshop starts with installing the arduino IDE product and takes you through creating your first sketch to creating your own library.

EASE-ily Make the Most of Eclipse with Python

Jonah GrahamChristian PontesseggerTracy Miranda

Jonah Graham, Christian Pontesegger, and Tracy Miranda

The Eclipse Advanced Scripting Environment (EASE) makes it very easy to extend and control the Eclipse IDE using the popular scripting language Python. In this workshop, you will learn how to use EASE and Python to get the most of your IDE by automating code quality improvement, prototyping and more. In the second half of the tutorial you'll take a closer look at EASE by writing new modules for your own libraries.

Sirius Workshop: let's create a graphical modeling editor for a robot !

Frederic Madiot

Frederic Madiot

Learn how to define the movements of a Lego Mindstorm robot with Sirius, the project that allows you to create custom graphical modeling workbenches for specific business domains. You'll learn not only how to choreograph the Mindstorm, but later to extend the editor to support more complex cases.

What every Java developer should know about AngularJS

Maximilian KoegelEdgar Mueller

Maximilian Koegel and Edgar Mueller

While there is a lot of diversity in the JavaScript world, one framework has become especially popular for business applications, that is AngularJS. In this tutorial, you will be introduced to AngularJS for Eclipse/Java developers. Based on an example application, you'll get an overview of the basic concepts such as directives, controllers and dependency injection - using terms and concepts from the Eclipse/Java ecosystem.


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