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Laboratoire d’Analyse et d’Architecture des Systemes (LAAS) is a laboratory of CNRS, The French national research centre for scientific research. CNRS is a public research organization whose mission is to produce knowledge and make it available to society. Established in 1967, LAAS is associated with three university institutions in Toulouse: UPS, INSA, and INP. LAAS has a permanent staff of over 320, together with (on average) 260 doctorate students. Research at LAAS covers Automatic Control, Computer Science and Engineering, and Microelectronics. Its research activities are conducted through 21 research teams. SARA team (Services and Architectures for Advanced Networks) focuses on networks, communication systems and next generation applications. The studies aim the mastery of design, planning, deployment management and supervision. Our contributions include the development of methods, models and tools as well as architectures, protocols and services. In particular, we focus on the analysis, performance evaluation, control and prototyping software and communication platforms. Our main challenges include: modelling and control of large scale dynamic systems, designing systems with high requirements (QoS, security) and high stress (energy, resources), continuity of service and quality in networks, dynamic software architectures and service-oriented and autonomic components.

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