Online Textual Modeling : How Far Can it Go!

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Imagine modeling tools accessible from anywhere, using any device, with no installation nor pre-configuration required, simply by putting a URL into the browser. Imagine modeling democratized, used by everyday user, not only the domain expert behind his (or her) heavyweight desktop IDE within company's engineering services. So far, we have used modeling tools based on desktop IDEs but a lot of us might be interested in making their tools accessible in enterprise private clouds, or even in the world wide web for different reasons: e-learning, collaboration, webinars, etc.

This session introduces DSL Forge, a framework for the development of domain-specific language (DSL) editors for web applications and cloud IDEs. We will give an overview of the framework's features: create and edit models, launch automated tool chains on server (including model transformations, code generation, and live model validation), and execute generated artefacts. All this using the browser. We will showcase how we leveraged a bunch of Eclipse technologies to create an online coding game, an e-learning application which aims at teaching kids the basics of computer programming

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Thursday, June 9, 2016 - 11:15 to 11:50
Ali Akar (ARTRON)'s picture

Interesting topic

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Olivier Constant (Thales Global Services SAS)'s picture

I must confess I had fun playing myself!

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