Lessons Learned from Migrating Industrial Development from Proprietary Commercial Tool to Papyrus

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Five years ago, Ericsson decided to investigate the possibility of replacing a proprietary commercial UML modeling tool, used at the core of one of its internal toolchains, with an open source alternative based on Papyrus. The motivation for this switch was manifold, including cost, technology integration and community activity. It was clear from the outset that significant effort would be required to make Papyrus into a tool usable in large-scale industrial projects. This journey took time and dedication from both the Ericsson and the Papyrus development teams, but we have now reached the point where deploy-ment has begun.

In this presentation, we will provide an experience report of the involvement of Ericsson in the collaborative development of Papyrus, over the last years. We will describe the experience of the Ericsson team involved on the development of a toolchain using Papyrus from a technical perspective. We will also discuss the Ericsson experience from a project management perspective. Finally, we will summaryze the main learnings of the collaboration.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016 - 10:00 to 10:35

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