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TypeScript, Future of JavaScript and rise of the transpilers

JavaScript est le langage le plus utilisé dans le monde.
Aujourd'hui l'avènement de ES6 puis ES7, la montée en puissance de node.js coté backend et l'apparition de transpillers comme TypeScript vont encore augmenter le potentiel du dév web.
Les transpillers comme TypeScript permettent dès aujourd'hui de bénéficier de nouvelles features et de nouveaux outils pour être encore plus productif.
Durant cette session, nous verrons ce que peut apporter TypeScript pour aborder l'avenir de JavaScript : Décorateurs, Metadata ou encore Non nullables Types.

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End-to-end open source IoT stack

Eclipse community provides a significant number of useful projects dedicated for the Internet Of Things. Kura, Paho, Hono, Kapua, Milo, Leshan and many more. Each of those solves a certain technical challenge. Eclipse IoT community provides solutions for field gateways, backend services, scalable telemetry, machine2machine protocols and all the other IoT problems you can name.

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Fun and education with the PolarSys Rover and PolarSys Solutions

Last year, PolarSys introduced PolarSys solutions, mature open source tools that cover the primary steps of the well-known V process for the design and development of Embedded Systems.

With the PolarSys Rover, we provide educational material to help users get started with PolarSys solutions while having fun with a simple, affordable, but extensible system.

This talk will be a live demonstration of:

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Elevate your IDE with scripts

Script your IDE. Learn how to automate your daily tasks. Extend the UI without writing java code. Test your Java classes without launching them. Write scripted tests for your dedicated application.

Anything goes with scripting!

While we will briefly show what EASE is all about we want to focus on newer and upcoming topics: Java code completion and inline help makes your life easier. Improved Python support allows to easily integrate python scripting.

Further we give an outlook on the upcoming new keyword mechanism to launch jobs on almost any event you can think of.

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JSDT 2.0

In a developer world where JavaScript is taking more and more space, Eclipse JavaScript Development Tools (JSDT) have to reach a new level of features and usability with Eclipse Neon.  Many thiings were implemented as part of the JSDT 2.0  release that's going to be available in June. This talk will demonstrate the new features:

  • package managers (npm / bower)
  • build systems (grunt / gulp)
  • node.js development (debugging)
  • new parser

And will feature plans for the future of JavaScript development in Eclipse IDE.

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Introducing OpenCert: Evolutionary Assurance and Certification for Safety-Critical Systems

OpenCert is an assurance and certification tool framework for safety-critical embedded systems that spans different vertical markets for railway, avionics and automotive industries. OpenCert supports: standards & regulations information management (e.g. DO178C, ISO26262, EN 50128/50126/50129, etc.), in a form that can be stored, retrieved, categorized, associated, searched and browsed.

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Home Automation Reloaded

With more and more Smart Home and IoT devices hitting the market, one of the primary wishes of users is interoperability. Since many vendors still prefer silo offerings, walled gardens and business-driven alliances, this wish remains mostly unheard.

Over the past 6 years, the open source project openHAB has become one of the most popular solutions that connects to a multitude of different systems, comes with powerful automation rules and provides a single user interface for all devices to address such interoperability needs.

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Phaedra, an Eclipse-based High Content Screening application

Phaedra is an Eclipse-based application designed for supporting the High Content Screening (HCS) work flow. HCS is a life science research method that offers several advantages over more traditional screening methods, and has been instrumental in providing new insights into pharmaceutical research data. However, it also poses some technical challenges, such as a greatly increased data volume, and the requirement to navigate and process that data in real-time.

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