Building a Global, Open Source, Crowd Sourced IoT Network (Cassiopée)

The Things Network has grown from a crazy idea to world wide adoption in six months. It has provided an entire city with a new breed of wireless data network, inspired more than 100 cities around the world to do the same, and raised € 300,000 through a crowd sourcing campaign to build the network world wide. All the components to build the network are open source.

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Explaining Code to My Mom (Cassiopée)

We could have drawn anything, but we decided to draw coders. And no one understands what we draw.

Well, maybe you do, but not my mom! She just thinks that I'm at the computer all day long. So we're going to explain to her what coders do and why they do it. Because at some point, she has to understand that googling Google to start browsing is not the way it works.

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