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Elevate your IDE with scripts

Script your IDE. Learn how to automate your daily tasks. Extend the UI without writing java code. Test your Java classes without launching them. Write scripted tests for your dedicated application.

Anything goes with scripting!

While we will briefly show what EASE is all about we want to focus on newer and upcoming topics: Java code completion and inline help makes your life easier. Improved Python support allows to easily integrate python scripting.

Further we give an outlook on the upcoming new keyword mechanism to launch jobs on almost any event you can think of.

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JSDT 2.0

In a developer world where JavaScript is taking more and more space, Eclipse JavaScript Development Tools (JSDT) have to reach a new level of features and usability with Eclipse Neon.  Many thiings were implemented as part of the JSDT 2.0  release that's going to be available in June. This talk will demonstrate the new features:

  • package managers (npm / bower)
  • build systems (grunt / gulp)
  • node.js development (debugging)
  • new parser

And will feature plans for the future of JavaScript development in Eclipse IDE.

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Model Merge Tooling : what’s new in EMF Diff/Merge for Neon

The EMF Diff/Merge Eclipse project is centered around a technical component that can consistently merge models or arbitrary sets of model elements. It provides extendible, customizable building blocks for the creation of diff/merge-based features.

This talk will introduce new features and enhancement to the community.

Among other things, this talk will present:

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Mastering your Eclipse IDE - Tips, Tricks, Java 8 tooling, Java 9 preview & More!

The Eclipse IDE provides a lot of powerful features and capabilities. With so much functionality at your disposal, many users don't use the full potential of the IDE. To be most productive, mastering your IDE is as important as mastering your source code.

In this talk, we will unleash many invaluable tips and tricks that will allow you to better use the Eclipse IDE and make you more productive in your routine development tasks.

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Oomph: Eclipse the Way You Want It

Oomph provides support for all aspects of installing and configuring your Eclipse IDEs to be exactly the way you want them to be. This presentation will outline the key architectural concepts underlying Oomph and will demonstrate useful techniques for taking advantage of the power that Oomph has to offer.

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Eclipse Speaks PHP

Have you wondered what tools Eclipse can provide for PHP developers? Join this session for an overview of the PHP Development Tools (PDT) project and the ecosystem around it. You will learn how to get started developing PHP code with Eclipse and get a taste of the main features provided by PDT. We will also look at the rich ecosystems of community plugins, both free and commercial, which can make your Eclipse IDE a complete PHP development environment.

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EMFForms goes AngularJS

EMFForms is a framework to ease the development of form-based UIs. It is one of the most active and well-received projects in the Eclipse community. EMFForms provides a simple language to define the forms of an application in a declarative way. Rendering the forms with a defined UI technology is thereby separated from their definition. A renderer is responsible for producing an actual UI from a form definition. EMFForms ships with excellent tooling to create forms and with industrial-strength renderers for SWT and RAP.

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EMF, myself and UI

EMF in combination with EMF Forms promises to drastically reduce the effort for building form-based UIs for data entities. However, articles, blogs, and slide can lie. The goal of this talk is to give a real impression of how these technologies perform in practice. We will therefore skip boring slides and theoretical explanations and dive directly into the development of a single form. After a very short introduction we will do a live demonstration of the following steps:

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Sirius Workshop: let's create a graphical modeling editor for a robot !

Eclipse Sirius is the project that makes it easy to create custom graphical modeling workbenches dedicated to specific business domains.

In this tutorial, you will see how to create a diagram editor to define the choreography of a Mindstorm robot. Based on a graphical language, this tool will allow you to define and combine the different steps of a choreography executed by a Lego Mindstorm: going forward, turning, measuring the distance to an object, detecting its color, grabbing or releasing the object, …

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