The conference is over and registration is now closed.

Important Information

  • The conference is now three days!
    • A full day of workshops on Tuesday, 7 June at the ENSEEIHT venue. Register for Conference and Workshops together, or register for Workshops Only.
    • Two full days of sessions on Wednesday and Thursday, 8 - 9 June. The two-day conference at the Centre de Congrès Pierre Baudis venue includes sessions, keynotes, Ignite Talks, and an evening reception.
  • Professional training for French attendees.
  • Unconference at the end of the week on Friday, 10 June at the ENSEEIHT venue.

Registration Fees

Registration Type Through 10 May 11 May to 9 June
Conference Only - Members, Committers, and Alumni
8 - 9 June
€350 + VAT (€420) €450+ VAT (€540)
Conference Only
8 - 9 June
€400 + VAT (€480) €500 + VAT (€600)
Conference and Workshops - Members, Committers, and Alumni
7 - 9 June
€500 + VAT (€600) €600 + VAT (€720)
Conference and Workshops
7 - 9 June
€550 + VAT (€660) €650 + VAT (€780)
Workshops Only
7 June
€200 + VAT (€240)
10 June
€50 + VAT (€60)
Non-Corporate Price*
Conference Only €100 + VAT (€120)
Conference and Workshops €200 + VAT (€240)
request a non-corporate pass
Academic Price*
Conference Only €100 + VAT (€120)
Conference and Workshops €200 + VAT (€240)
request an academic pass
Student Price*
Conference Only €30 + VAT (€36)
request a student pass
Press and Analyst Pass* request a press pass

*limited number of passes available

Things to Know

  • Conference language is English.
  • A 20% French VAT is applied to all registrations.
  • Workshop choices will be listed after the program is chosen in mid-April. If you register before then, you may choose your workshops later by emailing us.
  • See the Registration FAQs for policies, payment options, discounts, transfers, cancellations, etc.
  • See the Speaker FAQs for speaker registration information.

Eclipse Unconference

The Unconference is back! This year it ends the week on Friday 10 June at ENSEEIHT.

  • Event information
  • Register for the Unconference by choosing it as an option during registration for the Conference and/or Workshops, or by selecting "Unconference Only" on the first page of the registration form

Professional Training (French attendees only)

Please note that no discounts are available for these registrations.

Frais d'inscription

Type d'inscription Date limite: 1 juin 2016
Conference Seulement
8 - 9 juin
€500 + VAT (€600)
Conference et Workshops
7 - 9 juin
€650 + VAT (€780)
Workshops Seulement
le 7 juin
€200 + VAT (€240)
le 10 juin
€50 + VAT (€60)

Discount Codes

All registration discounts are provided through discount codes. If you expect a speaker or sponsor discount, please do not register before you know your discount code. For more, see the Registration FAQs page.

  • Committers: COMMITTER
  • Members: MEMBER
  • Alumni: ALUMNI
  • Speakers: Code will be emailed to you
  • Sponsors: Code will be emailed to you

Group Discounts

For more information or to request a group discount, please email us.


If you have questions or need help with registration, please email us.

Our Sponsors

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