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Eclipse projects and Open data: get to know your project with Alambic

Every software project generates a massive amount of data through development and collaboration tools, which can be used to better understand its structure and evolution. This talk presents Alambic, an open-source framework and service to easily centralise, monitor and visualise the data generated by development and collaboration on software projects.

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EMFForms goes AngularJS

EMFForms is a framework to ease the development of form-based UIs. It is one of the most active and well-received projects in the Eclipse community. EMFForms provides a simple language to define the forms of an application in a declarative way. Rendering the forms with a defined UI technology is thereby separated from their definition. A renderer is responsible for producing an actual UI from a form definition. EMFForms ships with excellent tooling to create forms and with industrial-strength renderers for SWT and RAP.

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Model Merge Tooling : what’s new in EMF Diff/Merge for Neon

The EMF Diff/Merge Eclipse project is centered around a technical component that can consistently merge models or arbitrary sets of model elements. It provides extendible, customizable building blocks for the creation of diff/merge-based features.

This talk will introduce new features and enhancement to the community.

Among other things, this talk will present:

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The New Eclipse Development Dashboard

The new Eclipse Development Dashboard, which will substitute the current one, has been deployed during the last months using GrimoireLab technology. It helps to better understand how the different projects in the Eclipse ecosystem are evolving and performing. Using information from git, Bugzilla, Gerrit and mailing lists, several charts and numbers provide some insight on relevant parameters of the project.

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