A generic REST API on top of Eclipse CDO for web-based modelling

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Eclipse in mainly a desktop-based IDE. Some past and ongoing projects aims at running the full Eclipse IDE inside a browser. We propose an alternative and more lightweight approach based on key building bricks: Eclipse EMF and CDO. Our approach takes the form of generic REST API called RAWET (REST API for Web Edition Tools) that was designed as enabler to implement web-based edition targetting a large set of domain specific languages (DSL). The API is composed of operations devoted to model-level edition, diagram-level edition, history and snapshot management, user authentication and project management. In the talk, we present the genesis and design of the API, describe its mains feature and demonstrate how it was used concretely to build a javascript/html5 web-based modeller for a specific DSL targetting requirements modelling. We highlight multiple integration possibilities including with third party and flexibility gained from the generic API. Finally, we sketch a roadmap for further elaboration in relation with other projects.

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Thursday, June 9, 2016 - 15:45 to 16:20

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