Sponsor Testimonial: Microsoft

Microsoft ? Is this still surprising to you ? Well may be .. Though this is not news anymore but we're happy to be present @Eclipsecon for the 1st year …

A little background:

To meet the challenges of the Enterprise and the industrialization of software engineering in a Cloud & Mobile world, Microsoft's open source strategy has evolved. We recently joined the Eclipse foundation and our contribution to the Java ecosystem w Microsoft Cloud Azure which has openness as a design principle are two important examples.

With the free Team Explorer Everywhere plug-in, Eclipse developers will have full access to the full Visual Studio Team Services, including source control, team services, and DevOps capabilities from within Eclipse. These offerings will continue to be maintained and shared through the Eclipse Marketplace. Microsoft is also contributing those programs to the Eclipse project.

We picked a somehow unusual topics for most of us, come and listen to Sebastien on TypeScript : Feedback from real life project within TypeScript and Future of JavaScript.  In this session, we will cover two aspects:

  • First, we will share our experience about how we worked with TypeScript an a big open source project : VorlonJS
  • We will see how TypeScript helped us create a great project, and allow users to contribute easily.

Then, we will discuss the new features of TypeScript like Annotations, Metadata's proposed in ES7 and non nullables Types. Those are great example to address the future of JavaScript and the emergence of JavaScript compilers.

Come and talk to us on the booth!!

Microsft Azure team

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