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EclipseCon Days - here's what's on for Thursday

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EclipseCon Days - Wednesday

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EclipseCon Days - what's on for Tuesday?

Tuesday is Eclipse University day. And later on...

17:30 - 19:30 Meet and Greet at De Danù Irish Pub - An icebreaker and a great followup to the day.

Sponsor Testimonial: Obeo

As a French company also located in Toulouse, we have chosen to support this event as an active sponsor from the very first EclipseCon France.

At EclipseCon France, we love to meet the Eclipse community. Project leaders, committers, users… the Eclipse family is composed of enthusiastic and passionate members.

Each edition is an opportunity to get feedback on Eclipse Sirius, our solution to easily create custom graphical modeling tools dedicated to any business domain. As Toulouse is the aerospace capital city, it is also the right place to talk about how Sirius is useful for industrial domains. We have the chance that EclipseCon France will also host a great talk about Capella, a powerful model-based systems engineering tool developed by Thales with Sirius.

We are looking forward to meeting you: talks, workshop and a booth is the right combination to present Obeo engineers’ skills and our Open Source projects’ value.

Program features plus food and fun!

The conference is more than just exciting sessions and in-depth workshops. It's also a gathering of the community where we make new friends, reconnect with colleagues, and enjoy a summer evening (or two) in Toulouse.

Program features

  • Sign up for Workshops to be held on Tuesday, June 7. Seating is limited!
  • Catch a demo at the Showtime demos held over lunch on Wednesday June 8, 12:25-13:50
  • Ignite your ideas! See the Ignite talks on Wednesday June 8, 17:30
  • Can't decide which talks to see next? Let the Speaker Pitches help you decide! They'll happen as part of the plenary sessions on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Live drawing by the CommitStrip team before their keynote on Thursday and after lunch
  • Bring a poster about your technologies and projects to the Unconference

Food and fun

Meet & Greet
Tuesday, June 7, 17:30 - 19:30
De Danù Irish Pub

The Meet & Greet is just a few minutes' walk from ENSEEIHT, the venue for the Tuesday Workshop Day. If you're a first-time attendee, tell us who you'd like to meet, and what you want to learn about. We'll offer your a Guinness, and connect you with the right person.

EclipseCon France Reception
Wednesday, June 8, 19:30
Le Rowing

Thanks to Intel for sponsoring a very special reception. We will enjoy a private event at Le Rowing, which features delicious food and a beautiful setting by the water and plenty of outdoor seating.

You can either walk 3 km from the conference venue to the restaurant, or take the Metro, followed by a short walk along the water. For the Metro, take the yellow line from Compans Caffarelli to Palais de Justice.

Smart Home Technology at EclipseCon France

EclipseCon France is less than three weeks away from now and I am very much looking forward to it! It is the first time for me to attend an EclipseCon in France and also to visit the city of Toulouse - my main encounter with the French Smart Home community has been an Eclipse Day in Grenoble last year, which was much fun.

In my session "Home Automation Reloaded" at EclipseCon France, I will cover different topics around smart homes:

  • Diving into the Smart Home market means dealing with the huge interoperability issues that everyone comes across sooner or later. It is important to see why Open Source is a suitable way to address this.
  • An introduction to the concepts and the architecture of the Eclipse SmartHome project follows. A special focus will of course be on the very latest developments like the user interfaces for system administration, the new rule engine as well as all the work that is going on around voice enabling smart home solutions through features like text-to-speech (TTS), speech-to-text (STT) and even natural language processing (NLP).
  • As it is usually best to learn from example (and people love live demos!), I will also bring real hardware with me and use openHAB 2 for demonstration purposes.

openHab automatically discovering devices

openHAB automatically discovering devices


As openHAB 2 is still in beta phase, I am currently working hard on getting a beta3 out. There have been tremendous efforts on the code since the beta2 release and thus I believe it will be a major milestone towards a first stable release.

Besides the many new features that come officially with the distribution, I have now also introduced experimental features that can be activated. The new rule engine is such a feature: It is fully controllable through the REST API, and it is therefore possible to create graphical rule editors, which construct and edit rules as JSON structures - for advanced use cases, it is even possible to send Javascript as part of the rules. Many further possibilities will follow, like full support for JSR223 (alternative script engines) or the integration of CalDAV servers for rule triggering and the integration of the existing openHAB 1 Xtext DSL rules (which use Xbase).

The new experimental rule editor

The new experimental rule editor


The openHAB 2 beta 3 will also be the one shipped with the Pine64 IoT package - this will allow the quickest start with Eclipse SmartHome ever - simply insert the SD card, power it up and all is ready to start playing! If you are interested in learning more about the Pine64 board: Come and see me at EclipseCon France, I will have one with me!


The Pine64

The Pine64 is the cheapest way (just $15) to get started with Eclipse SmartHome


You see that a lot of fascinating things are going on - and this is just about one project in the Eclipse IoT space, while there is a lot more to discover at EclipseCon France. So don't miss to register for the conference asap and meet me and the rest of the Eclipse community in Toulouse!

Sponsor Testimonial: Microsoft

Microsoft ? Is this still surprising to you ? Well may be .. Though this is not news anymore but we're happy to be present @Eclipsecon for the 1st year …

A little background:

To meet the challenges of the Enterprise and the industrialization of software engineering in a Cloud & Mobile world, Microsoft's open source strategy has evolved. We recently joined the Eclipse foundation and our contribution to the Java ecosystem w Microsoft Cloud Azure which has openness as a design principle are two important examples.

With the free Team Explorer Everywhere plug-in, Eclipse developers will have full access to the full Visual Studio Team Services, including source control, team services, and DevOps capabilities from within Eclipse. These offerings will continue to be maintained and shared through the Eclipse Marketplace. Microsoft is also contributing those programs to the Eclipse project.

We picked a somehow unusual topics for most of us, come and listen to Sebastien on TypeScript : Feedback from real life project within TypeScript and Future of JavaScript.  In this session, we will cover two aspects:

  • First, we will share our experience about how we worked with TypeScript an a big open source project : VorlonJS
  • We will see how TypeScript helped us create a great project, and allow users to contribute easily.

Then, we will discuss the new features of TypeScript like Annotations, Metadata's proposed in ES7 and non nullables Types. Those are great example to address the future of JavaScript and the emergence of JavaScript compilers.

Come and talk to us on the booth!!

Microsft Azure team

Modeling at EclipseCon France

Maximilian Koegel gives a preview of what you'll learn when you visit his Angular JS workshop, his talk on EMF Forms and his ignite talk on JSON Forms.

EclipseCon France is only a couple of weeks away. I’m looking forward to this great conference with its carefully selected program in a beautiful city.  And, I’m definitely looking forward to presenting three topics!

On Tuesday the conference starts with the tutorials and we start with our tutorial on AngularJS - What every Java developer should know about AngularJS. This tutorial specifically addresses Java/Eclipse developers with no previous experience developing web frontends and provides a good hands-on introduction into AngularJS. So, be sure to sign up and bring your own laptop!

If you would like to spice up your day with some more web development, we can also recommend the CHE tutorial - Extending Eclipse Che to build custom cloud IDEs - about how to extend the new web-based IDE at Eclipse.

Getting back to AngularJS, we will also present an ignite talk on JSONForms. This component ships with EMF Forms and allows you to render an EMF-Forms-based form in an AngularJS-based application. With JSONForms, you can leverage the mature tooling of EMF Forms for modeling forms while developing state-of-the-art single-page web applications based on HTML5, CSS, JavaScript/Typescript and JSON/JSON Schema.

If you're new to EMF Forms, you could also drop by my talk, “EMF, myself and UI” on building UIs for EMF-based data. While preparing the presentation, I was amazed by all the features that have been added since I presented it at EclipseCon France last year. Here are just three of the important features:

1. We have added AngularJS-based rendering as mentioned earlier.

JSON Forms

2. We have made it really simple to use the Treeviewer and Tableviewer components standalone.

Tree viewer stand alone

3. And finally, we built a brand-new Ecore Editor with improved usability based on EMF-Forms.

Ecore Model Editor

In the talk we will also give you a sneak preview of unpublished features in the pipeline, so don’t miss it!

JSON Forms Editor

Apart from the technical content, any EclipseCon is a good opportunity to meet the people behind the technology, to get in contact and maybe solve one or two technical problems on the spot. We are looking forward to meeting you at EclipseCon France. Do not forget to register quickly as there is a discount if you register by May 10th. See you soon in Toulouse!

Sponsor Testimonial: MicroEJ

EclipseCon offers the best opportunity to meet with the large and rich community of Eclipse experts and tech leaders, and to exchange innovative solutions and ideas on building an open and collaborative software world.

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