Why you and your manager should say Yes! to EclipseCon France

  • Learn from the experts. EclipseCon France is about the technology creators and developers working with you in workshops and telling their technology stories in talks and demos. You will discover ways to work smarter.
  • Innovate with the community. Breaks, events, hallway conversations, Q&As all lead to new ideas and new paths to explore in solving your coding challenges.
  • Spread the word about your technology. Everyone is interested in technology at EclipseCon France and everyone has the opportunity to share projects, ideas, and problems with one another. Get in there early with a proposal!
  • Get answers to complex issues. You can move forward quickly on complex issues when  specialists from various areas are on hand. Create a BoF to present your challenge.
  • Get value for your ticket price. We try to keep the cost down and the value high. Our independent program committee carefully selects and schedules the program to fit your interests and needs.
  • Get credit for professional training. If you are a resident of France, you have the option to sign up and receive credit for professional training through Oxiane.

Here's what people said about EclipseCon France

Torkild Reisheim - Itema ASTorkild Reisheim
EclipseCons are always a lot of fun, interesting, and even a bit different from each other. What I in particular like about EclipseCon France is that it has more focus on industrial use of Eclipse technologies.

Tracy MirandaTracy Miranda - Kitchwa Coders
There is something special about doing a workshop at an Eclipse conference. I have great memories of learning new frameworks at EclipseCon to quickly solve my problems at work. Or having fun pair programming with another Eclipse developer as we get to grips with a new API. Whatever the topic, there is something unique about being together in a room with fellow Eclipse developers and learning something in a hands-on way from experts who are passionate about the topic.

Olivier Prouvost - Opcoach
As a conference sponsor for 3 years in a row, I am looking forward to this event to once again chat with all the people who use Eclipse and to discover new products through presentations.

Hugo Brunelière - Inria and Mines Nantes
I've attended the two first EclipseCon France conferences and I'm very happy to go back to the beautiful sunny city of Toulouse for this third edition. As usual the program committee has made a good selection of talks on diverse topics, including Modeling and Eclipse applications to the industry (which I'm particularly interested in). But, the most important thing for me is to have again this great opportunity to share work experiences around Eclipse in such a pleasant atmosphere. I'd really recommend you to join and have fun with us there!


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