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This year again, we are very excited to be part of EclipseCon France as a sponsor. If I had to summarize why I like this conference I would mention two main reasons. The first one is the quality of the exchanges we have with the attendees who are generally highly qualified engineers. The second reason is the business orientation of the conference, where most technologies exposed during the event are considered for their good business cases.

On our side, at our booth we will demonstrate our open source PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) platform that helps industries manage their data. The software can either be adopted as a turnkey or as a customized solution.

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Our platform features:

  • Document Management: Version control, workflows, templates, links
  • Product Structure: Search and filter the product structure
  • Product Configuration: Manage effectivities, alternatives and substitutes
  • Bill of Materials: List all raw materials included in your product
  • Process Management: Define workflows and manage tasks
  • Change Management: Track modifications
  • Data Visualization: Use your browser to explore your structures (3D Digital Mock-Up), exchange with your colleagues or display your documents (Word, PDF, CAD…)

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EclipseCon offers the best opportunity to meet with the large and rich community of Eclipse experts and tech leaders, and to exchange innovative solutions and ideas on building an open and collaborative software world.

MicroEJ develops and sells the MicroEJ SDK based on the Eclipse IDE, extended with a set of value-add plugins for developers of embedded software. As a long-time Eclipse IDE user, MicroEJ is involved in the Eclipse Community and also joined the Eclipse IoT Working Group as the leader of the Edje open source project. Edje aims at defining the software foundation for IoT devices. It will provide a set of APIs required to deliver IoT services that meet the performance and memory constraints of microcontroller-based devices.

We are very proud to sponsor EclipseCon France to support the Eclipse Foundation and contribute to the success of its initiatives.


Microsoft Azure

Microsoft ? Is this still surprising to you ? Well may be .. Though this is not news anymore but we're happy to be present @Eclipsecon for the 1st year ….

A little background:

To meet the challenges of the Enterprise and the industrialization of software engineering in a Cloud & Mobile world, Microsoft's open source strategy has evolved. We recently joined the Eclipse foundation and our contribution to the Java ecosystem w Microsoft Cloud Azure which has openness as a design principle are two important examples..



Obeo Team

At EclipseCon France, we love to meet the Eclipse community. Project leaders, committers, users… the Eclipse family is composed of enthusiastic and passionate members.

Each edition is an opportunity to get feedback on Eclipse Sirius, our solution to easily create custom graphical modeling tools dedicated to any business domain. As Toulouse is the aerospace capital city, it is also the right place to talk about how Sirius is useful for industrial domains. We have the chance that EclipseCon France will also host a great talk about Capella, a powerful model-based systems engineering tool developed by Thales with Sirius.




Since 2013, OPCoach has been a sponsor of Eclipse Con France in Toulouse - that means that this will be our 4th year! This event is very important for us because it brings together many customers and partners in the same place and time. OPCoach also participates with presentations in addition to the booth where we can present our Eclipse consulting and training activities. Every year it is a real pleasure to be involved in this conference.

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Tuleap is an open source enterprise suite for planning, tracking and automating software development. Enalean is the leading company behind the software that includes tools for Requirements management, Scrum and Kanban support, as well as integrating tools such as Eclipse, Git/Gerrit and Subversion.

Enalean has created the Open RoadmapTM to enable you to shape Tuleap to your needs. Member companies sponsor Tuleap R&D, setting the priorities for new functionalities developed by Enalean. You get the features you need as well as the ones sponsored by others. Enalean also provides Tuleap Enterprise, a complete solution (SLA version of Tuleap) that includes IT Support and guidance to help users continuously improve their development processes.

Enalean and the Eclipse Foundation are providing an instance of Tuleap for the community on https://tuleap.eclipse.org/ . And, Enalean is sponsoring EclipseCon to meet the community and help you to start managing your projects on Tuleap. For an overview, drop by Manuel Vacelet’s talk Your Agile Project at Eclipse with Tuleap. If you’re not free at this hour, you can read Manuel’ slides or drop by the Tuleap booth, #10.


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