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Raphaël Faudou holds a diploma from the ENSEEIHT (french engineering school) in Computer Engineering and Applied Mathematics.

He started his professional career in Paris in 1994 as a software developer and became progressively project manager and UML consultant.

In 2003 he joined Atos Origin group (now called AtoS) as software architect. After a few missions on Airbus A380 aircraft program, he had the opportunity to drive AtoS participation to TOPCASED collaborative project about the creation of an open source modeling platform for critical systems and software.

From 2007 he became head of innovation, R&D, methods and tools of embedded systems practice at AtoS France. He learnt a lot about system engineering and especially systems architecture definition and had opportunity to support different industrial companies in their adoption of OMG System Modeling Language during last 4 years.

In November 2013, he left AtoS and started up a new business called « Samares Engineering » . This new company holds strong modeling expertise and focuses on engineering support for systems architects: help deploying model based system engineering, define and improve methods, provide training and modeling guidelines, specify and prototype software tools supporting architecture definition.

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