Xtext: a brilliant tool for Golo Development Toolkit (GLDT)


Xtext is an Eclipse toolkit for DSL authors.

Golo (http://golo-lang.org) is a lightweight dynamic language on top of the Java JVM, just proposed to the Eclipse Foundation as an Eclipse project.

Golo Development Toolkit (GLDT) is the Eclipse based IDE for Golo developers.


As GLDT is based on Xtext, discover what Xtext has brought to the developement of the GLDT IDE, what features are availables and what is planned next. After a short introduction to the Golo language, the following topics will be presented:

  • Golo Xtext grammar
  • Main GLDT Xtext artifacts
  • On the fly Golo compilation
  • Golo programs debugging
  • Tips from the GLDT developer related to Xtext
  • Q&A



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