The Vorto Information Model Repository


Device abstraction is a very complex field and there exist various functional approaches regarding the standardization of device descriptions. However in most cases there is no tooling available that allows for creating and managing such representations.

The Vorto project is a technical approach to standardization at the semantic abstraction layer by means of generic, technology agnostic Information Models. These Information models are abstract representations of real world devices following a meta information model which is also part of the project.

The meta information model shall be very flexible and easy to use. In addition, the project scope includes an eclipse based toolset that allows for creating information models, a repository for finding, managing and sharing information models, and last but not least a set of code generators that allow for the creation of information model based code artifacts to be employed in specific solutions. In my talk I would like to give you an overview about the project and I would like to present the current version of the information model repository.