Transformations, Patterns, Version Control: Where there is modeling, there is merging (Sponsored by Thales)


It may not have occurred to you that the need to merge models is everywhere: from incremental model transformations to version control, team work on models, or model refactoring.

The EMF Diff/Merge Eclipse project is centered around a technical component that can consistently merge models or arbitrary sets of model elements. It provides extendible, customizable building blocks for the creation of diff/merge-based features.

We report on three industrial usages of EMF Diff/Merge for three different purposes.

  • Intel® Cofluent™ Studio is a product for modeling and simulation of complex multi-core hardware/software systems. It has been enhanced by Intel with team support for models based on the Git, Subversion and Perforce SCMs. The generic part of these features will soon be contributed by Intel to EMF Diff/Merge.
  • Atos developed for Airbus an infrastructure that bridges several system engineering tools using a pivot metamodel for System Architecture. The infrastructure heavily relies on CDO, branching and incremental import/export features.
  • Thales developed a technology for defining, applying and reusing design/architecture patterns in models. This pattern technology is integrated into Capella, the model-based engineering solution from Polarsys, and can be ported to other Sirius-based workbenches as has been done with UML Designer. It has recently been contributed as a component of EMF Diff/Merge.

The talk will include demonstrations with Intel CoFluent Studio, Capella and UML Designer.


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Thursday, June 25, 2015 - 11:05 to 11:40