Synchronizing architecture and requirements for better specifications (Sponsored by Obeo)


Due to the effects of a safety failure, aeronautics remains a highly standardized and prescriptive domain requiring
• every code line to be specified,
• every requirement of specifications to be verified with associated proof,
• product’s architecture to be documented, and consistency between architectures and specifications to be maintained.
These are some of the reasons that make it so difficult to build the appropriate solution, the one able to meet certification needs in an industrial / competitive context.
In this talk we present how SAFRAN uses Obeo Designer to build its own software architecture and specification environment that will help reaching these objectives. We named our solution: ARTIST.

We will show how this Eclipse partly based solution eases engineering activities while developing safety-critical software embedded in complex system.

More than one more design tool, this solution handles objects adapted to software domain-specific language. Thus, software engineers can really focus on technical aspects of their daily work rather than on tool constraints.
Our underlying challenge consists in maintaining "by construction" the product design consistency in an heterogeneous ecosystem made of COTS and home-made tools.
ARTIST provides a wide set of services and interacts with a whole ecosystem including :
• traceability control,
• configuration management,
• implementation and verification means.

During the presentation, we will then demonstrate through common use cases how ARTIST meets engineering requirements, focusing on key aspects : Specification and architecture relationships, solution interoperability and scalability.


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Thursday, June 25, 2015 - 14:45 to 15:20