OSLC connectors for all


OSLC (Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration) is a great initiative to interconnect Application Lifecycle Management (and in the future PLM) tools.

If you are a tool provider and you want to provide OSLC Services this is what you would have to endure:

  • Define a semantic mapping between your business data and some RDF vocabularies
  • Expose these RDF Resources using REST Webservices
  • Be compliant with OSLC Specification and answer properly to clients requests

OR you can use latest Lyo (https://www.eclipse.org/lyo/) contribution which generates OSLC provider from your data.

Current version generates OSLC providers to expose data contained in EMF Models but the tool was designed with other datasources support in mind.

This talk will describe the tool, how it is possible to use it, and how to extend it.

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