Modeled abstraction for Cyber-Physical Systems: playing with EMF, ECF and Pi with lots of fun !


The goal was to create a sensor-based communication-enabled system able to interact "live" with EMF model. The second goal was to implement an interaction between the model and with the physical world.
This involve a complex design and deploy tasks into the fields of connection, conversion, cyber, cognition, and configuration (5C architecture) .

In this context we want to talk about a pragmatic approach to the connection and conversion tasks on a real small device that use the power of Eclipse Platform core technologies to abstract the details of physicals.

With the IoT device meta-model standardization in its final step, our agnostic approach can take advantage of the capability of the device to autodescribe its status events and operations to speed up vendor and system integrator applications implementations.

Our focus will be showing you how to create a standalone Equinox process, and develop a custom RCP application that use the full power of EMF tools to interact with physical device without knowledge about its internal hardware implementation.

In details our solution allows:

- achieve abstraction representation for the device and its capability using an EMF metamodel

- use ECF remote service API to simplify message distribution implementations (es: MQTT,JMS,XMPP)

- use ECF discovery API to allow device to advertise itself to network components (es: Zookeper,Zeroconf,DNSSD)

- use OSGI remote service to interact with the device capabilities

- use Tycho to build and deploy on Pi

- play with PI, I2C and sensors using RCP/EMF application

We will talk about several Eclipse Platform core technologies, sometimes hidden, but that are full featured and allow solving complex IoT tasks in an elegant and effective manner.

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Thursday, June 25, 2015 - 11:05 to 11:40