Mon, 2015-04-13 08:49

Visualize your IoT in the Cloud (with flying Drones)!

During this fun and entertaining session, you will learn about the building blocks needed for visualizing your real-time data on the Cloud. We'll use Vaadin Framework for the beautiful dashboard UI, IBM Bluemix for the cloud and Eclipse Paho for putting everything together. And just for the fun of it we’ll use a flying drone to get some real-time data! We’ll put up a full stack IoT foundation and demonstrate two-way communications via MQTT messaging, without forgetting social media. How does this all come together?

Thu, 2015-04-02 09:00

Developing smart IoT applications using Eclipse Kura : connecting a BLE device to the Cloud

Eclipse Kura is an Eclipse IoT project which provides an application framework for edge gateways acting as nodes in the Internet of Things. It is a smart application container that enables remote management of such gateways and provides a wide range of APIs for allowing you to write and deploy your own IoT application. Kura runs on top of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and leverages OSGi, a dynamic component system for Java, to simplify the process of writing reusable software building blocks.

Mon, 2015-03-23 16:17

50 slides of IDE

In this session, I'll demonstrate 50 tips you can use in the Eclipse Java IDE.

From automatically placing semicolons to save actions, filtering useless classes and many more, we'll have a little ballad trying to uncover all those little productivity diamonds, sometimes inexplicably not well known, waiting to be enabled to ease your coding day.

In case you wonder, we will mostly spend our time together in the IDE :-).

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