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Instrumentino [1] is an open-source modular graphical user interface framework for controlling Arduino based experimental instruments. It expands the control capability of Arduino by allowing instruments builders to easily create a custom user interface program running on an attached personal computer. It enables the definition of operation sequences and their automated running without user intervention. Acquired experimental data and a usage log are automatically saved on the computer for further processing. The use of the programming language Python also allows easy extension. Complex devices, which are difficult to control using an Arduino, may be integrated as well by incorporating third party application programming interfaces into the Instrumentino framework. In this presentation, the Instrumentino infrastructure will be explained and the benefits of its usage will be discussed. A series of example systems in the field of analytical chemistry, already using Instrumentino, will be presented as well. The main goal is to expose the Instrumentino freamework to fellow researchers and promote future collaborations.

[1] Israel Joel Koenka, Jorge Sáiz, Peter Hauser, Computer Physics Communications 185 10 (2014) 2724–2729

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Thursday, June 25, 2015 - 14:00 to 14:35


Hi Mickael,
I've just recently contacted the Eclipse Science working group, and this is how I found about this conference.
I'm still reading about it but in principle I'd like to donate Instrumentino to the Eclipse foundation and continue its development under the Eclipse framework.

What this exactly means is what I'm currently trying to figure out.

Tracy, I'll put it under the Science track. I first put it under industry because the description of this track was more "instrumental" and the Science track seemed more algorithm oriented.

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