HTTP/2 and Java

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HTTP is the fundamental networking protocol that powers the web. A new version of the protocol names HTTP/2 is on its way. In this session I’ll explore the possibilities of HTTP/2 and Java. We’ll look at popular containers such as Jetty and Tomcat and explore how to setup HTTP/2 in those environments. HTTP/2 brings a lot of additional functionality to the table. We’ll also review the new features and discuss the ones applicable from a Java backend as well as frontend/client developer’s perspective.

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The outline of the talk will be as follows:

  • Introduction to HTTP/2
  • HTTP/2 key features
  • Enabling HTTP/2 in Java
  • Containers
  • HTTP/2 for backend developers
  • HTTP/2 for client/frontend developers


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Gunnar, while the topic is current and interesting I've hard times to imagine what exactly this talk will cover. Will you present the fundamental details of HTTP/2? Will you show how clients can speak HTTP/2? Who is the audience of this talk. Anyone interested in HTTP/2 or client/server developers only? It would help if the abstract could provide little more details (1-2 paragraphs/ 700 chars) in this regard.

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